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UBOSbox Nextcloud on ODROID-HC2 –
Home Server


Price: from $249

  • Nextcloud 20: the leading open-source, self-hosted productivity platform with rich content collaboration (auto-installs)
  • Large disk options from 1TB to 8TB
  • Fully-assembled system, ready to use
  • Easy day-to-day management: upgrades, backups, network configuration and more are just a single command
  • No setup scripts to run: innovative UBOS Staff included for point-and-click setup; no keyboard or monitor required.
  • Integration with LetsEncrypt for A+ web security; integration with Pagekite for remote access over the public internet without fiddling with routers (optional)

What’s in the box

  • Fully-assembled ODROID-HC2 system with hard disk, SD card, enclosure
  • Power supply (US and EU options)
  • Ethernet cable
  • UBOS Linux pre-installed
  • Nextcloud and selected apps (latest version that has passed testing auto-installs on first boot)
  • UBOS Staff (USB stick for system administration)
  • Getting started guide

About Nextcloud 20

Nextcloud image

Nextcloud Hub is the first completely integrated on-premises content collaboration platform on the market, ready for a new generation of users who expect seamless online collaboration capabilities out of the box.

It includes functionality similar to Dropbox, Google Calendar and other cloud services, although Nextcloud is free and open-source, allowing anyone to install and operate it on a private server without vendor lock-in.

Growing concern over on-line spying leads many people to seek out privacy-protecting alternatives to the websites of the dominant internet platforms. UBOSbox Nextcloud provides many of the same features as cloud offerings, but they run on a computer the user has physical control over. Unlike with cloud services, users can review the entire source code on UBOSbox, monitor all of its operations if they like, and extend and integrate as they wish.

Nextcloud “apps” extend its core functionality. UBOSbox Nextcloud automatically installs the following Nextcloud apps:

  • Audio Player: music player with playlist support and SONOS integration
  • Bookmarks: collect and organize bookmarks to the sites on the web that are precious to you
  • Calendar: group calendaring functionality (compare: Google calendar)
  • Contacts: address book
  • Deck: kanban-style organization tool for personal and team planning and organization
  • Everyone Group: adds a virtual “everyone” group
  • Forms: surveys and questionnaires, self-hosted
  • Group folders: folders shared by everyone in a group
  • Mail: web-based e-mail (requires separate e-mail provider, such as Gmail)
  • Markdown: a markdown editor with live preview
  • News: RSS news aggregator
  • Notes: note-taking application
  • Talk: ("Spreed"): group text and video chat (not all browsers supported)
  • Tasks: task management
  • Text: collaborative document editing

Many other apps are available as free add-ons. A Redis cache is automatically configured to speed up commonly used Nextcloud operations.

Looking for OnlyOffice or Collabora? They are not available on ARM processors and require UBOSbox Nextcloud on NUC.

Why UBOS Linux

UBOS image

The usual Linux distributions (like Ubuntu or Fedora) try to do all things for all people; and so they do none particularly well.

UBOS Linux does only one thing, and it is optimized for that: making the self-hosting of apps such as Nextcloud much simpler. We do this by making ongoing administration much simpler, much faster, and much more reliable, even for non-expert Linux users. UBOS is based on Arch Linux, one of the most modern and advanced Linux distributions in existence. For example:

  • Upgrade your entire UBOSbox, from Operating System to Nextcloud: one command and done.

  • Back up Nextcloud (including files and database) to an external disk or to the cloud: one command and done. Encrypts your backup first, if you like.

  • Check the health of your UBOSbox, from detecting about-to-fail disks to excessive load: one command and done.

  • And much more. You get the picture: all administration tasks on UBOS are one command and done. Why buy a pre-configured server if you still have to edit system files, or take just as much time for system administration as if you built your server from scratch?

Full UBOS documentation is available here, but don’t worry, your UBOSbox comes with a one-page cheat sheet that contains all you need to know.


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Hardware Price (US Dollars)
  • Samsung Exynos5422 Cortex-A15 2Ghz and Cortex-A7 Octa core CPUs
  • Gigabit Ethernet
  • USB 2.0 port
  • Enclosure
  • 1TB NAS-class hard drive
  • Same but with 4TB NAS-class hard drive
  • Same but with 8TB NAS-class hard drive


  • UBOS Linux armv7h (pre-installed)
  • Nextcloud (auto-installs on first boot)
  • Nextcloud apps: calendar, contacts, news, notes, talk, tasks (auto-install on first boot)
  • Configured firewall


Management service:

  • UBOS Live (optional addition after purchase; as available)

What customers say

You created a simple, straightforward installation that doesn’t require countless commands in the shell. Great job!
– Fred M.
UBOS is amazing!
– Kim D.
Thank you for your patience and help!
– Tom B.
[Your product] brings the safe internet we urgently need much closer.
– Chris D.
Thanks for keeping [our] websites humming.
– Gerry G.
I want you to know that we have been very happy with your hosting.
– Peter K.
Great implementation of a powerful concept!
– Ethan M.
Wow - great support!
– Devin B.
Everything worked as directed. Love it.
– Brett P.


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