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UBOS Live –
Management service for home servers

Why UBOS Live?

Computers, unfortunately, have to be supervised and maintained to be running reliably and securely. This is true for desktops, laptops, and mobile devices, and even more so for servers.

Users have been conditioned to try fixing problems on their computers by hunting down instructions with Google based on cryptic error messages. Everybody has stories to tell! That works most of the time ... but it does not work so well for servers, which require a different skill set to maintain than PCs do. They often do not even have a monitor, keyboard or mouse with them in the closet that they were tucked into!

Most of the world's servers are owned by companies who hire specialized information technology staff to keep their servers running. While this solves the problem, obviously this solution would be prohibitively expensive for a home user.

But thanks to the automation provided by UBOS, the Linux distribution that runs on UBOSbox home servers, much of the administration work of home servers running UBOS can be automated. This is what UBOS Live does. And for the hopefully rare cases where human intervention is required, think of UBOS Live as the outsourced information technology staff that will take care of it over the internet.

Who is this for?

We believe UBOS Live is an attractive service for:

Conversely, if you like fiddling with computers and don't mind if your home server is down for some time, UBOS Live is not for you. For you, we offer UBOS boxes that does not include UBOS Live.



We expect to add additional features to UBOS Live as they become available. So if you subscribe to UBOS Live, your subscription might become more valuable over time!

Frequently asked questions

How do I sign up?

You first need to purchase a UBOSbox. Then, and once UBOS Live is ready, we will contact you with details.

Can I turn it off?

Yes! Any time.

All code running on UBOSbox home servers is publicly available on the @uboslinux Github account, or referenced from there (obviously, most of Linux source code is maintained elsewhere). So there are no secrets on your box, and you can log into it with ssh any time if you are a geek.

Only one caveat: if you make any changes to your UBOSbox yourself, we may not be able to continue maintaining it with UBOS Live. UBOS Live is only viable if we can automate pretty much everything, and any modification made by a customer to the product can break our automation.

In summary: we do not lock you in and you are free to cut the cord any time. However, if you do so, or make any changes to your UBOSbox yourself, you will lose the peace of mind of UBOS Live and are entirely responsible for maintaining your UBOSbox yourself.

Will you have remote access to my server?

If you subscribe to UBOS Live, yes. Just like any system administrator, we need to be able to:

and things like that. This requires us to have remote access. If you are not comfortable with this, UBOS Live is not for you and you need to find some other way to keep your home server humming.

Note: if you are not inclined to trust us with your personal data, you should not buy a UBOSbox either, because if we intended to screw you, there would be many other ways we could do that.

If you are technically inclined, you can monitor what we do to your server.