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Frequently asked questions

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Q: How complicated is it to get UBOSbox Nextcloud running?

A: It depends on whether you get it as a kit or pre-assembled:

A: How much programming knowledge do I need to have to successfully use UBOSbox Nextcloud?

A: That's easy to answer: none. The Nextcloud project did all the application programming, and we did all that programming needed to make administration simpler. You need to do none.

Q: Other than ordering a UBOSbox Nextcloud from the Indie Computing website, what other hardware do I need?

A: You need a PC or Mac with a USB port, so you can insert the UBOS Staff and get the unique administration password from it that is generated specifically for your UBOSbox.

You also need a wired internet connection (Ethernet) and power. We ship several power plugs so your UBOSbox can work in most locations, world-wide.

For the Raspberry Pi-based kit, you also need a small Phillips screw driver.

Q: I'd like a different hardware configuration that you currently offer. Can you help me?

A: Please fill out our survey and tell us what you are looking for. If there are enough requests for a particular hardware configuration, we may consider offering it.

Of course, you can always install UBOS and Nextcloud yourself on a wide variety of hardware configurations. This is more work than buying a pre-configured UBOSbox, and requires somewhat (although not terribly much) more skill. Head over to and follow the documentation there.

Q: If I buy a UBOSbox without the UBOS Live management service, how much technical knowledge do I need to be successful maintaining the UBOSbox myself?

A: This is a good question, but hard to answer without knowing your background in detail! But perhaps this gives you a taste: to administer your UBOSbox, you almost certainly will have to log into the box over the network with ssh. How to do that is documented in the section on the UBOS Staff on You should be very comfortable following these instructions, or instructions like them.

You certainly will need to have basic Linux system administration skills, such as knowing how to determine available disk space, use users and groups, how to start and stop daemons with systemd, how to read and interpret the systemd journal, and the like.

Also read through some of the other sections in the UBOS documentation. If you understand them without problems, and are confident you can perform these kinds of operations, chances are you will be able to administer your UBOSbox yourself.

In all other cases, we recommend you subscribe to UBOS Live.

Q: Can I access Nextcloud from the public internet?

A: This depends on how you connect your UBOSbox to the internet. Here are some common scenarios:

Q: If I change internet service providers, will that affect the operation of my UBOSbox?

A: No. UBOSbox, as shipped, does not directly interact with your internet service provider, so there is no reason it should behave any differently when you switch from one to another.

Q: Can I purchase UBOS Live on a monthly basis?

A: Sorry, no. We have to manage a UBOSbox on an ongoing basis, without interruptions, otherwise it is too expensive for us to analyze the state of a UBOSbox that was maintained by the customer, and possibly perform a backlog of administration activities before we can manage it again.

Q: Which Linux distro does UBOSbox run?

A: UBOS! That's why it is called a UBOSbox... :-)

UBOS itself is a derivative of Arch Linux and its port to the ARM architecture, called Arch Linux ARM.

More details about the motivation for UBOS can be found at


There is also the UBOS user FAQ.