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Indie Computing Corp.

Application Hosting


Price: from $9.99/month

  • We install, upgrade, back up and maintain your website
  • Run Nextcloud, Mediawiki, WordPress, Decko and more
  • Multi-tenant or single-tenant, on Amazon EC2
  • No technical knowledge required


[Nextcloud] [Wordpress] [Mediawiki] [Decko] and more. Choose one or more for your site.

Who is this for?

Having your data under control on a physical server at home or at the office does not work for everyone. For example, you may move or travel a lot. Or your internet service provider does not let you access your server over the internet.

This is also great for distributed organizations who don't necessarily have or use a shared office very much.

So we offer the second-best thing: a virtual UBOSbox hosted in the cloud.


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  • Complete site installation and configuration of the apps you choose for your site. For example, you could say: I'd like to run Wordpress at as my publicly visible web presence, and I'd like to run Nextcloud for sharing files with customers.
  • After installation, we keep the site running. We run backups, upgrade all the code on on ongoing basis, and perform migrations to different server should that become necessary.
  • You can bring your own domain (DNS) name.
  • And if something goes wrong, we fix it.
  • No need for techie tools like phpMyAdmin or cPanel.
  • Support via e-mail included.

What customers say

You created a simple, straightforward installation that doesn't require countless commands in the shell. Great job!
-- Fred M.
UBOS is amazing!
-- Kim D.
Thank you for your patience and help!
-- Tom B.
Thanks for keeping [our] websites humming.
-- Gerry G.
[Your product] brings the safe internet we urgently need much closer.
-- Chris D.
I want you to know that we have been very happy with your hosting.
-- Peter K.
Great implementation of a powerful concept!
-- Ethan M.
Wow - great support!
-- Devin B.