UBOSbox now ships with Nextcloud 21

Indie Computing Corp.


All models of UBOSbox now ship with Nextcloud 21, the most recent version. Here is the summary from our friends at Nextcloud:

  • πŸš€ High Performance Back-end for Nextcloud Files: reduces server load from desktop clients and web interface polling by 90% while delivering instant notifications to users.

  • βž•πŸš€ And a wide range of performance improvements all over on top, decreasing loading times of pages and reducing load on the server

  • 🀝 Collaborative features: new Whiteboard, author colours in Text and Document Templates to increase team productivity

  • πŸ—¨ Nextcloud Talk: debuts message status indicators, a raise hand feature, a group conversation description and more!

  • πŸ“« A range of Groupware improvements like drag’n’drop and nicer threading in Mail and syncing social media avatars in Contacts.

Note: we do not currently ship the whiteboard, as it is still marked as experimental.

For more detail, and to purchase UBOSbox with Nextcloud 21 – the simplest way of getting Nextcloud up and running on hardware you control – visit the product section.