Indie Computing at MyData 2020

Indie Computing Corp.


MyData Global, the Finnish-based not-for-profit advancing the ethical use of personal data world-wide, is hosting its fifth conference this week from Thursday to Saturday, December 10-12, 2021. Due to COVID, it is hosted on-line and scheduled to have interesting sessions for participants in time zones around the world.

Indie Computing is participating!

  • Indie Computing’s CEO Johannes Ernst will be discussing COVID Apps — is Privacy Possible? with DigiMe Executive Chairman Julian Ranger. Link.

  • We will be demonstrating UBOSbox home servers in demo lounge #3. Link.

  • Finally, Johannes Ernst will moderate the panel MyData Governance Interoperability Landscape, with distinguished panelists Matthias De Bievre (France), Nat Sakimura (Japan), Joni Brennon (Canada), Harshvardahn Pandit (Ireland), Paul Knowles (Switzerland), Antti “Jogi” Poikola (Finland) and Mark Lizar (Canada). Link.

See you there?