UBOSbox Nextcloud on ODROID-HC2 now available with huge hard disk options

Indie Computing Corp.


December 9, 2020: MyData 2020 Conference: Indie Computing today announced the latest member of the UBOSbox family: UBOSbox Nextcloud on ODROID-HC2.

This NAS-class device comes with an octa-core CPU, Gigabit Ethernet, and hard disk options up to a huge 8TB, starting at only $249.

It is intended for home, home office or small business users who have lots of data and wish to use the leading open-source file sync and share application Nextcloud to manage it.

As will all models of UBOSbox Nextcloud, Nextcloud auto-installs with a selection of the most popular and useful Nextcloud apps. Through the UBOS Staff, many system administration activities such as network setup become simple.

For more details, and to purchase, see this page. Orders can be placed immediately, with shipping starting January 4, 2021.

We will be demonstrating this device, as well as the other members of the UBOSbox product family, at the Virtual Demo Lounge at the MyData 2020 Conference on Thursday, December 10, 4:30pm pacific time.