Much-faster UBOSbox Nextcloud on NUC Model B now available

Indie Computing Corp.


Fast is good! Our newly updated UBOSbox Nextcloud on NUC hardware appliance Model B packs a modern Intel i5 processor with 4 CPU cores and 8 parallel threads, plenty of RAM and a 2TB NAS solid-state disk into a tiny package.

It is intended for offices in which several people work with Nextcloud all the time, and for the home power user.

As will all models of UBOSbox Nextcloud, Nextcloud auto-installs with a selection of the most popular and useful Nextcloud apps. Through the UBOS Staff, you usually do not need to connect a keyboard or monitor, so you can put your UBOSbox on a rack or in a closet. And we use the LEDs to tell you when your UBOSbox is upgrading, for example.

For more detail, and to purchase, see this page.