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UBOSbox Nextcloud Home Servers Announced


New products:

  • UBOSbox Nextcloud on NUC – Home Server
  • UBOSbox Nextcloud on Raspberry Pi – Home Server (kit)
  • Starting at $249


  • Private, secure, file management in the safety of one's home on hardware owned by the user.
  • No data mining by a third party; no need to adhere to a cloud provider's terms of service.
  • Runs Nextcloud, the leading open-source web platform for decentralized file management and related activites, with features such as: management of private files, group calendaring, contact management, web mail, RSS-based news, note taking, task management, group text and video chat.
  • PC, Mac, Linux, smartphone and tablet clients available.
  • Optional UBOS Live systems management service so users do not need to become server administrators.

Available for order now at

Why it matters

Individuals and families own ever-larger amounts of important data. Examples are as varied as family photos, electronic medical lab test reports, tax-related electronic records and more. This data is generally considered personal and private, but often needs to be shared among household members. It also needs to be preserved for the long term.

UBOSbox Nextcloud home servers enable consumers to store this valuable data at home, on hardware they control, without needing to share it with a third-party provider whose privacy policies may be suspect, and who also may not be in business for as long as the data needs to be preserved.


Indie Computing Corp., a Silicon Valley-based, self-funded company that develops technology products that empower everybody to own their own data and to reclaim sovereignty over their life on-line.

Products also include UBOS, a Linux distribution focused on home servers, and UBOS Live, a systems management service for user-owned servers.


In Berlin, Germany, at the Nextcloud 2018 conference.

For a demo, visit us in the exhibition area of the Nextcloud 2018 conference on August 25 and August 26, 2018.