Open Positions

Indie Computing Corp.

In general:

  • We need the usual resume that tells us how you professionally came to be where you are now.

  • If you have created something that you are proud of, that’s sort of related, and that you can point us to (website, blog post, video, git repo, even just telling the story) without violating somebody’s confidentialy provisions, by all means, do tell. It can be a professional product, or a personal project, as long as it reflects on you.

  • We take motivation and ability over formal degrees any time. We encourage you to apply if you have motivation and ability and are prepared to prove those, even if your background is “non-traditional”. Similarly, we take motivation and ability over most specific skills that are listed in a job description, as long as you can convince us that acquiring them is not going to be a big problem or we don’t need them in the first place.

  • We specifically would like to invite you to apply if you are part of a group that usually somehow ends up not getting hired. There are the obvious examples of race, gender, disability etc. but also, for example, if you are much younger or much older than average.

  • We only like to work with people who are capable, ethical, who put the customer first, and who work with, instead of against their coworker, manager and/or direct report. People with “sharp elbows” have no place at Indie Computing.

  • We expect you to be eager to learn from others, and be just as eager to teach. Nobody knows everything, and that’s a feature, not a bug.

  • Don’t bother with a formal cover letter. However, if there is anything particular that resonates with you about Indie Computing and what we are striving to do, please do tell us. Anecdotes, personal stories, points of view etc. in an informal e-mail is perfectly fine.

  • If you are with us so far, we trust you have the soft skills that we definitely require.

  • Send everything to jobs@ at the domain name of this site.

No current openings.