Indie Box One

Indie Box One is the first ready-to-use personal server appliance for storing your personal data and running indie web applications at home.

Made for humans, not just geeks: although everything on the box is free/libre/open-source, you don’t need to be a system administrator and it just works.

Example uses:

  • Store your family photos, and selectively share them directly with grandma, but not Mark Zuckerberg.
  • Bring your calendar home from Google, and sync your smartphones and iPads with your Indie Box One instead, where your schedule is private. No more lying to your calendar is needed.
  • Share what’s happening in your life, with text, photos, checkins and more. Because it’s on your own site, you control your story. If you like, you can share to sites like Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare, too, so you can reach your friends wherever they are.
  • Run your own VPN, so you can be safe in that coffee shop.
  • …and much more.

Note: specification is subject to change without notice.


Indie Box One uses standard hardware produced commercially by It has a mini-ITX board with a power-efficient Atom processor, 2 GB of RAM, and two hard disks (1 TB each) that mirror each other. This allows one disk to fail without data loss.

Indie Box One also has two Ethernet interfaces. This allows you to plug it directly into your home broadband and access your Indie Box One from over the public internet.