Post: The IndieWeb offers opportunities, and UBOS makes it easy

Web hosting provider GoDaddy published a guest post from Indie Computing’s Johannes Ernst today, on how small business websites can take advantage of the IndieWeb, a decentralized complement/alternative to centralized social media:

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So how would you set up such an Indie Website? We see three major options:

  • Use a shared web hosting company like GoDaddy to install WordPress and the needed plugins, as described in the article. This is probably the easiest avenue for people who just need a better way of getting their WordPress content distributed viua social media, and collect the responses.
  • Roll your own, by renting an (actualy or physical) web server from a cloud company, and manually install and maintain WordPress, plugins, and all needed infrastructure. This requires much more time and technical knowledge, but offers the most flexibility.
  • Choose UBOS to install and maintain WordPress, the needed plugins, and other apps useful for improving communications with customers on. UBOS is a Linux distribution that makes this much simpler than a typical roll-your-own installation using some other version of Linux.

What apps might be useful for improving communications with customers? Here are some favorites:

  • A bulletin-board system such as phpBB where customers can ask each others questions, get answers, and build a community around the company’s products. We at Indie Computing run such as bulletin-board for UBOS at This saves support costs, and often makes the difference between customers being happy with the product, and customers regretting their purchase.
  • A wiki such as MediaWiki, which can become a crowd-sourced knowledge repository of how-to’s related to the company’s products. The benefits are similar to a bulletin-board system.
  • A communications application such as Mattermost, which enables customers and company employees to privately chat with each other. This can be a great, and cost-effecitve addition to other tech support channels such as phone support.

All of these are available on UBOS, and can be installed with one single command, including often difficult tasks such as installing SSL certificates, or configuring web servers. Even more importantly, as ongoing maintenance of websites is often much more expensive than the initial installation, the entire installation of multiple applications can be upgraded with a single command. UBOS runs on common server hardware as well as in virtualized environments and in the Amazon cloud.

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